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Body Fillers and Hardeners *New lower prices*


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Evercoat Extreme Rage - Premium light weight body filler.  Gallon with hardener. FGE 120
Evercoat Metal 2 Metal - Aluminum-filled body repair for metal surfaces.  Has excellent corrosion resistance and superior adhesion to zinc and galvanized metals. Moisture proof and rustproof. Includes liquid reactor.  Quart with hardener.  FGE 889
Evercoat Z-Grip - Lightweight body filler for metals. Excellent adhesions to galvanized steel, aluminum, E-coat and epoxy primers. Resistant to corrosion.  Gallon with hardener. FGE 282
Evercoat Everglass - Short strand, fiberglass reinforced body filler, high strength, high build and water proof.  Excellent for repairing holes, rusted metal, body seams and shattered fiberglass.  Quart w/hardener. Special order. FGE 632
Evercoat Everglass -  Gallon size w/ hardener. FGE 622
Evercoat Lite Weight 3 -  Evercoat's #1 selling high quality, clog free, lightweight filler. Gallon w/ hardener. FGE 156
Evercoat Rage Gold - Evercoat's newest lightweight filler, less pinholes, sands easily. Gallon w/ hardener. FGE 112
3Mô Platinumô Plus Body Filler 01131 3M Platinum Plus Filler - Gallon w/ hardener MMM 01131
FGE1249 Evercoat Plastik Honey Body Filler Thinner - one pint FGE 1249
White Hardener - 4 oz. FGE 340
Blue Cream Hardener - 2.75 oz. FGE 354
Blue Cream Hardener - 4 oz. FGE 360


Finishing and Glazing Putties *New lower prices*


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FGE408  Evercoat Euro Soft Polyester Glazing Putty - extra strong polyester glazing putty for flexible bumper repair and more.  Quart w/ hardener.  FGE 408
Evercoat Metal Glaze - 2-part polyester finishing and blending putty.  Extra thin to spread smoothly and easily fill grind marks, pinholes and uneven surfaces.  Sands easily and pinhole free.  30 fl. oz. pump container w/ blue cream hardener. FGE 416
Evercoat Polyester Glazing Putty - The original polyester glazing putty that can be applied directly to bare metal, body filler, fiberglass and fully cured sanded top coats.  Easily fills grind marks, pinholes and low spots.  No shrinkage and fast dry.  Blue cream hardener, 20 oz. FGE 400
Evercoat Poly-Flex - Flexible polyester glazing putty designed for spot filling and skim coating over repair areas on flexible bumpers and plastic parts.  Ideal for filling sand scratches, nicks, dings and gouges.  May be used to skim coat over repair areas or large surface areas that have the original paint still intact.  30 oz. pump container with blue hardener. FGE 411
Evercoat Ever-Glaze Spot Putty - Fast drying, red lacquer putty that spreads smoothly and sands easily with minimal shrinkage.  1 lb. tube.  FGE 403
FGE440  Evercoat 440 Express - Quick fix for micro pinholes.  FGE 440
FGE420  Evercoat Easy Sand - Flowable polyester finishing putty w/ hardener.  24 oz. tube  FGE 420
FGE421  Evercoat Easy Sand - 30 oz. pump bottle.  FGE 421
FGE633  Evercoat Fiber Tech -  Fiber reinforced repair filler. Ideal for SMC, ground effects and rigid plastic body panels. 24 oz. FGE 633

Spreaders and Mixing Palette


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3" x 4" white spreader CRS PPS1
3" x 5" white spreader CRS PPS2
4" x 6" white spreader CRS PPS3
GLE1101  4" metal spreaders, 3 pack.  GLE 1101
GLE1255  4" x 4-1/2" Swizz turquoise spreader.  GLE 1255
Clean sheets mixing palette - 12" x 12" non-absorbing mixing surface with 100 disposable sheets.  Comes with one 4" spreader. GLE 1800

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